The field of aesthetic enhancement has developed considerably since it was first documented as far back as time itself, with today’s permanent makeup course and eyebrow feathering treatments compared to Cleopatra’s milk baths, the use of Kohl to darken and enhance the eyes and vegetable dyes used on the cheeks and lips to develop beauty.  Such comparisons give an indication not only of how long aesthetic enhancements have been around, but also how far they have come. Prive Estetica  is an aesthetic enhancement clinic offering the most up-to-date treatments at their state-of-the art facilities.

Social Change
To understand the motivation behind aesthetic enhancement and why so many people choose to have it done, it’s interesting to study the change of values that society has seen in the late 20th and 21st Centuries.  Before then, age, wisdom and life experiences were valued higher than beauty, youthfulness and achievement. Now, with beauty and appearance being seen as indicators of self-worth and success, it’s little wonder that so many people are turning to aesthetic enhancements in order to be valued in today’s world.

Media and Advertising
Undoubtedly, the media, and advertising in particular, has had a big part to play in this change.  The accepted norm is that people appearing in the media should look perfect, and that models appearing in advertisements must be flawless, perfect in every way.  Anything less is met with derision and vilification by the public, and indeed the same media who started the whole phenomena.  Simply put, people expect to see perfection because perfection is available and attainable. Further, as social media has become more and more popular, and powerful, so has the opportunity to see everyone and their imperfections, with such as Instagram and other similar apps giving us all the chance to see others pretty much constantly.

Psychological Influences
Whilst it is certainly not the case with all, there is evidence to suggest that many who undertake aesthetic enhancement do so for psychological reasons, because their physical features affect not just how they look, but how they feel.  Being honest, most people do feel much better when they look as good as they can, as anyone who has ever dressed up for an event will testify.

Why Not?
The above starts to explain some of the reasons why people seek the help of beauty esperts like Prive Estetica for aesthetic enhancement treatments. The simple fact is that people want to look their best, society expects us to, and there are affordable tools, techniques and treatments available to help them do so, so why shouldn’t they?

If you would like to find out more about how Prive Estetica can help you, please explore this website for further information, including a summary of the treatments available.

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