Learn today’s craze in the cosmetics world with the eyebrow feathering course, lip tattoo/velour lips course, hairline replication course and more with Prive Estetica. The latest and most advanced techniques in semi-permanent cosmetics are here in the Philippines. In partnership with Protégé Academy of Advanced Micropigmentation London, world-class masters are ready to teach you what they know and make experts out of you.

Semi-permanent Make-up

The world has recently seen the next level of beauty enhancement with the introduction of semi-permanent cosmetics. Be ready, as soon as you jump out of bed, and get that make-up look you want minus the preparation. That’s what semi-permanent make-up is all about.

Semi-permanent make-up, or micropigmentation, is the introduction of micro pigments into the skin, very shallowly beneath the epidermis and slightly into the upper layer of the dermis, to resemble cosmetics, like eyeliner or perfectly arched eyebrows. It is like a tattoo and is also called cosmetic tattooing.

Most of us want that perfect look before heading out every day. And although, some people are naturally gifted with putting on cosmetics, there are some of us who can never get it right, or waste so much time until we are finally satisfied with our look. If you have this problem, consider having semi-permanent make-up, and look perfect every day, even as you sleep.

Instructions and Trainings

For the make-up enthusiast, semi-permanent cosmetics is right up your alley. Prive Estetica has scheduled trainings for eyebrow feathering, ombre powder brows and eyebrow shading course.

Digital brow feathering and shading and natural look ombre powder brows course will teach you the current hottest technique in eyebrows styles and will be held on October 1 to 3, 2017.

For more contoured natural looking lips enroll for the lip tattoo/velour lips course which will be on October 4 to 5, 2017.

The hair replication and 3D scalp micropigmentation course will let you learn the advanced and latest techniques on creating natural and realistic hair follicles and strands which will give you an edge over other artists.

You can now enroll for the 3D scalp and hair replication course scheduled on September 29 to 30.

These trainings are quite advantageous because of the popularity of cosmetics today. Not only will you be able to better yourself, but you can also earn up to $2000 a day by offering to customers the services you will learn. Visit Prive Estetica for more information on these trainings and enroll online if you wish.

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