What Is Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)?

Cosmetic eyelid surgery to counteract drooping and remove unsightly bags beneath the eyes is also known as blepharoplasty. This extremely popular cosmetic surgery procedure removes fat, excess muscle and skin from the eyelids in order to improve the appearance of wrinkles, bags and droopy lids that make the face appear old and tired. The skin around the eye area is very thin and is one of the first areas on the face to show the signs of ageing, so perking up the peepers with this cosmetic surgery procedure can refresh the appearance of the face and leave you looking years younger.

Am I a Candidate? People with loose skin over the eyes and the large bags under the eyes are generally suitable candidates for a blepharoplasty procedure. For mild to moderate depth lines and wrinkles, a surgical approach may not be necessary to obtain a significant improvement, as there are a number of very effective non-surgical options that rejuvenate the eyes.

During Surgery – Eyelid surgery, whether on the upper or lower eyelids, is a surgical procedure involving the removal of fat and excess skin in the upper and lower eyelid. The operation is generally performed under a local anaesthetic, and the surgeon will cut along the eyelid crease, before removing excess skin and unwanted fatty tissue. The cut is then closed with a single layer of stitches, hiding the scar inside the natural fold of the eyelid.

Recovery – Most patients find that they are ready to return to normal activities 7-10 days following a blepharoplasty procedure. Most of the swelling and bruising will have subsided after this period of time. Learn more about blepharoplasty recovery here.

Benefits – Eyelid surgery can help restore a more youthful appearance by tightening droopy or hooded eyelids, restoring the smooth line of the eyelids, and removing or moving fatty pouches beneath the eyes.

Types – There are many different procedures for rejuvenating the eyes. The eyelid surgery procedure that is right for you depends on the depth and extent of wrinkles, whether you have protruding bags or hollows underneath your eyes, your skin type, age, and your expectations.

Risks and Complications – The eyes can be uncomfortable and swollen following surgery to your eyelids. The pain usually stops a few days after the surgery, but swelling may persist for over two weeks. Other risks or complications following blepharoplasty include some minor and temporary difficulties such as: temporary blurred vision; dry or gritty eyes; temporary problems with too much tear production and difficulty closing the eyelids completely.

Am I a Candidate For Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)?

Only a qualified cosmetic surgeon can determine whether eyelid surgery is right for you, but providing you are fit and healthy and have realistic expectations of what can be achieved then surgery can be a great way of giving you more confidence in the way you look.

Eyelid surgery is popular with both men and women and can be used to correct drooping, hooded or puffy eyelids and under eye bags that are either hereditary or caused by ageing. This can be purely for cosmetic reasons or because the drooping lids are obstructing their vision. It cannot help with dark shadows under the eyes or crows feet and fine wrinkles around the eyes.

What Are The Benefits Of Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)?

Droopy eye lids and under eye bags can make you look tired, sad and older than you are. Whether this is a hereditary condition or has been caused by the natural ageing process, cosmetic eyelid surgery can help. The procedure can open up your eye area, making you look younger and more alert. It can also improve your vision if you have severe drooping of the lids that is affecting your eyesight. Patient satisfaction with this procedure is very high as it has long lasting results and can dramatically change and improve the look of your eye area. Results differ from person to person however, so you need to make sure you have reasonable expectations of what the surgery can do for you.