Founded in 2015 Privé Estética Clinic is dedicated to providing excellent results for all skin types. We bring to Philippines the latest in noninvasive laser and cosmetic procedures, given in a warm and decadent spa environment. With each consultation, our clients are given an insightful, no-obligation look at what treatments they would most benefit from and the results to be expected. We offer highly trained, licensed medical professionals to deliver these outcomes.

Prive Estetica is committed to helping our patients achieve enhanced beauty and health. Everyone at our clinic is driven to provide the latest skin care and beauty treatments, while also looking out for each individual patients’ well being. After all, you can’t maximize your beauty if you don’t feel healthy as well.

Our state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located in Makati City. We strive to provide a premium experience and establish a personal connection with each and every one of our patients.


Our mission is to provide superior medical aesthetic and wellness services
in the safest, most effective and natural way possible.

We Accomplish Our Mission By…

  • A personal clinician-patient relationship allowing for the creation of individualized and evolving treatment plans to meet each patient’s particular needs.
  • Our highly trained medical and nursing staff are actively licensed in the country. In addition to their previous medical education and experience, our clinicians undergo further extensive training abroad, to ensure their practice meets the high standards of our office.
  • Our clinicians continually enhance their advanced skill set through ongoing education and training as the science and technology of our industry evolves. This is how we consistently provide our patients with exceptional and cutting edge medical aesthetic care.
  • Focusing on subtle, transformative results.
  • Our caring, knowledgeable and professional customer service staff provides timely and essential support every step of the way.



The safety, comfort and confidentiality of our patients are a top priority.

With the influx of “Botox home parties” and discount lasers, practices will often skirt the rules and regulations and operate in “the gray zone” to increase their revenue. Even more unsettling, some practices routinely operate without proper licenses or routine inspections.

Adhering to our high ethical and medical standards, our office remains steadfast in following state rules and regulations. Compliance with protocol, advanced training, and ongoing evaluation of our methods ensure our practice goes beyond the status quo in ensuring your treatment is executed safely. From our facilities, to our staff and our daily operations, we pride ourselves on our continual striving for best practices.

As with any medical procedure, an adverse event is always a possibility. The risks involved are included in a “Consent to Treatment” Form specific to each procedure, and are reviewed by our clinicians prior to your treatment. Our clinicians are trained to minimize the occurrence of these events but Protocols are in place in the extremely rare event one should occur.

We follow HIPPA regulations to protect your right to privacy and always aim to be conscientious of your needs for comfort and privacy during your treatment.



Our medical team are experts in aesthetic medicine field. With years of experience in the industry, our doctors are highly regarded among their peers and clients. They trained alongside world-renowned medical aesthetic doctors and consistently shares their expertise and experience with our medical and nursing staff. This special aspect of our practice along with ongoing formal advanced training and the high volume of procedures ensure all of our clinicians’ practices are extensive, varied and exemplary.

We are dedicated to offering our patients the highest quality of care in a professional and timely manner.



Honesty is key in our approach to your care. Our office does not employ the “quantity over quality” mantra. We believe discount medical aesthetics are merely focused on the bottom line rather than the patient. If we don’t think a patient needs more filler, we’ll tell them.

We want our patients to return to us happy. And our transparency is a big part of why they do.



Our team of medical aesthetic doctors are constantly researching and seeking out new scientifically based treatment options in order to provide the most progressive and comfortable practice possible. A new product or service will be integrated into the practice only if the results are evidenced- based. This exceptional rigor is not true of all establishments.


Our entire staff is committed to providing safe, natural and subtly transformative results for our patients.

We’re not interested in changing how you look — we’re interested in changing how you feel!


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